Tiddly Jell-O (Baden) – Beverages and Drinks Recipes

Tiddly Jell-O (Baden) – Beverages and Drinks Recipes

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    Recipe ingredients and directions:

    Here's the basics for alcoholic "Tiddly Jell-O." The principle

    is to substitute liquor for an equivalent volume of part of the

    water. The trick is not to overdo it.

    I recommend making this substitution for 1/8 to 1/4 of the liquid

    volume. For a large box of Jell-O (4 cups liquid) that means

    substituting between 1/2 cup and 1 cup of water with liquor.

    I use 1/2 cup for 40-proof booze, 1/4 cup for 80-proof. For metric jelly

    packets that make 1000 ml (1 liter) of dessert, substitute 250 ml (40

    proof, 20% alc.) liqueur, *or* 125 ml (80 proof, 40% alc.) liquors such

    as gin.

    The "recipe" part comes into play by judicious choices of the

    Jell-O flavor and the liquor or liqueur. For example, we have found

    that orange (or cherry) Jell-O and brandy works well. And peach

    Jell-O and bourbon (such as Rebel Yell or Jack Daniels) is good.

    And Watermelon Jell-O and Midori Melon Liqueur (my "meloncoholic"

    version), and Raspberry Jell-O with Raspberry Schnapps. Get the


    Serving suggestion:

    Buy Dixie Cups, the 3 oz. Bathroom size. Give the jello liquid a chance to

    cool to room temperature, then fill the cups most of the way up. (You'll

    get about 2-2.5 oz. in them, or in other words 6-8 dixiecups per small

    batch.) You can put them all in a cake pan, like an 8x8x2 or 9x13x2 pan.

    Let them set that way, and you've got individual servings.

    The advantage is twofold; not only are they individually dished out, but

    you can eat the jellos without a spoon if you wish (just squish the cup).

    My famed Margarita Jell-O recipe is available via email or snail mail

    (send me a SASE).

    I stumbled onto the discovery that the Sugar Free jell-o is a

    lot easier to work with, because there's less powder to mix

    up and dissolve. (The regular Jell-O has ten times as much!)

    Tiddly Jell-O Notes (Baden)

    If you are using a special kind of booze (everclear, for example)

    calculate the water substitution like this: 10, divided by the proof (or 5

    divided by the alcohol percentage value), multiply this by total volume of

    water (in cups or ml) called for in the jell-o directions. This gives you

    the volume (in cups or ml) of booze to use, and how much to decrease the

    water by. (If using American-style Jell-O, substitute from the cold water;

    for UK-style jelly packets, just decrease the boiling water and mix in the

    booze after you've dissolved the jelly powder.)

    The figures shown are for a small (2 cups) and for large (4 cups = 1000 ml)

    sizes; alcohol percentages and proofs are shown, and how much of the water

    should be exchanged for booze. If you have a 500 ml size, take the

    1000 ml and divide by two (or use the 2-cup column); if you have a 4-cup

    size, take the 2-cup numbers and double them (or use the 1000 ml column).

    Booze Alc. Fraction Small: 2 cups Large: 1000 ml

    30-proof Liqueur 15% 1/3 2/3 cup 333 ml

    40-proof Liqueur 20% 1/4 1/2 cup 250 ml

    50-proof liqueur 20% 1/4-1/5 1/2 cup 200 ml

    80-proof Liquor 40% 1/8 1/4 cup 125 ml

    90-proof Liquor 45% 1/8-1/10 1/4 cup 100 ml

    100-proof Booze 50% 1/10 1/5 cup 100 ml

    150-proof Booze 75% 1/15-1/16 1/8 cup 70 ml

    Find the approximate alcohol level, and substitute the booze for the

    corresponding amount of water... (cold water with the US Jell-o, or just use

    less boiling water for jelly packets).

    Flavors I have tried, successfully...

    Listed below: Jell-o flavor(s); Booze(s).

    berry blue + raspberry; raspberry schnapps + cherry brandy. dark & murky

    raspberry; raspberry schnapps

    cherry; cherry brandy

    orange; gran marnier

    orange; brandy (E&J)

    cherry; brandy (E&J)

    watermelon; midori melon liqueur

    tropical fruit; mohala mango liqueur

    lime; tequila + triple sec (margarita jell-o recipe)

    peach; rebel yell bourbon

    lemonade w/ knox; kentucky whisky (see Kelly's Whisky Jell-O)

    watermelon; mohala mango liqueur (by mistake, but it turned out okay)

    tropical fruit; dark rum (whaler's hawaiian) (see Mai Tai Jell-O)

    strawberry; light rum and strawberry liqueur (see Strawberry Daiquiri Jell-O)

    orange; peach schnapps (Fuzzy Navel)

    After a while I start to forget all the different combinations.

    Recipe: Miscellaneous tiddly jellos, 2 cup size.

    "Fuzzy Navel" Jell-O. Orange Jell-O. 1 cup boiling, 1/3 cup cold, 2/3

    cup Peach Schnapps (approx 30 proof). Peach schnapps = 1/3 of volume.

    "Mai Tai" Jell-O. Mixed Fruit Jell-O or "Tropical Punch" jell-o.

    1 cup boiling, 3/4 cup cold, 1/4 cup dark rum (approx 80 proof).

    Rum = 1/8 of volume.

    "Beri-Beri" Berry Blue Jell-O. 1 cup boiling, 1/2 cup cold, 1/2 cup

    Strawberry Schnapps (approx 48 proof). Strawberry schnapps = 1/4 of


    The Beri-Beri had a brandied cherry in the middle. I filled them halfway

    and let them soft-set, then put a brandied cherry in and topped them off.

    That was received well.

    This is my "catch-all" berry jell-o; I've been known to use Berry Blue &

    Raspberry Jell-O flavors, and Raspberry Schnapps, Cherry Brandy, Blackberry

    Brandy, and Strawberry Schnapps from time to time. Because the Berry Blue

    is such a dark blue, it will come out opaque or nearly so, dark blue, dark

    purple, or nearly black.

    "Melonhol" (Melonholic, Meloncoholic) Jell-O. Watermelon Jell-O. 1 cup

    boiling, 1/2 cup cold, 1/2 cup Melon Liqueur (approx 42 proof, recommend

    using Midori brand). Melon liqueur = 1/4 of volume.

    I have tried this with Midori liqueur, and regular watermelon

    jell-o. I have also tried this with Gaetano brand Melon Liqueur,

    and sugar-free watermelon jell-o. The former was a pleasing

    amber color with a good flavor; the latter was kind of brown and I didn't

    like it as much. I suspect the choice of booze had the greatest impact

    on the results.

    Gargle Blaster was lime jello, Green Chartreuse, and Mountain Dew soda.

    The Green Chartreuse is an herbal liquor. The Mountain Dew is a

    caffeinated soda. Use the Mountain Dew in place of the water, substituting

    part of it for the booze (see proportional instructions).

    This recipe is under construction. I made it the first time using water

    for half of the liquid, and Blue Curacao instead of the Green Chartreuse.

    I've got to go shopping and try it the "right" way. It's not Pan-Galactic

    without the Chartreuse.

    Brosby's Beer Jello. 1 Package of strawberry jello. Use half the required

    water to dissolve the crystals. For the rest of liquid, use a malt liqour.

    Pour Jello into a mold and chill according to directions on box. Unmold.

    Serve with pretzel sticks. (from Bachelor in the Kitchen: Beyond Bologna &

    Cheese by Gordon Haskett with Wendy Haskett)

    Recipe (Draft, v1.2): Yellow Lime Jello

    This is an attempt to make lime-flavored jello out of lemon-flavored

    jello, for those occasions when the lime flavor isn't available but

    lemon is.

    Small box (2 cup/400-500 ml size) of Lemon Jell-O or Quick Jelly (or

    whatever they call it in your country)

    .5 cup lime juice, or the juice of four limes (200-220 ml)

    1.5 cups water (or in other words, reduce the amount of water called for

    by the amount of lime juice you have)

    [If you are making Margarita Jell-O: Use two small boxes (or one large

    box) of lemon flavor, and juice eight limes (or 1 cup lime juice), and

    reduce the cold water in the Margarita Jell-O recipe (from 1.25 cup) to

    1/4 cup.]

    Follow the usual directions for boiling water, and mixing up the batch,

    and stir in the lime juice.

    Your batch will be yellow, with some of the pulp from the limes in it

    (unless you strained the juice).

    [This is an experiment. My first attempt with two limes and some zest

    didn't turn out to my liking, so I'm trying this next.]

    Thanks to Deb Kirwan, kirwan@bluejay.creighton.edu, for the original

    suggestion on proportions.

    Recipe: Dugan's Melon Ball Jell-O (First Draft)

    1 large box (4 cup size) or two small boxes (2 cup/400-500 ml size)

    orange jell-o, jelly powder, gelatine mix (whatever they call it in your


    3.5 cups (700-750 ml) water

    1/4 cup (100-120 ml) vodka

    1/4 cup (100-120 ml) midori melon liqueur

    Boil the water. (If using american jell-o, you can get away with only

    boiling half of it and adding the rest of the water later.)

    Put the dry powder (or block) into a large bowl and pour the boiling

    water over it; stir until dissolved, about 2 minutes.

    Add the liquor (and the rest of the water, if you didn't boil all of it).

    Stir it all up, and let it cool to room temperature; then chill until


    Serving suggestion: pour it into Dixie Cups (3 oz. bathroom size) and

    chill the individual servings. You can arrange 16 of them in a 9" square

    fudge pan. [Well, I usually use the pan for fudge, anyway.]

    Recipe inspired by Terrie Dugan, dugan@seq.cms.uncwil.edu

    *[Kraft General Foods Jell-O is not available universally (the way

    Coca-Cola is). In other countries, the equivalent dessert product goes

    under different names, such as Quick Jelly, Jelly Powder, and so forth;

    it seems they call the resulting dessert Jelly, while we call it Gelatine

    Dessert. See jello.flavors for more info.]

    Recipe: Elaine's Apricot Sour Jell-O (4 cup size)

    (See also, Whisky Sour Jell-O)

    My sister likes Apricot Sours... so here's one for her.

    Large box of Lemon Jell-O or Quick Jelly (4 cup size) or two small boxes

    (2 cup/400-500 ml size)

    3.5 cups water

    1/2 cup Apricot Brandy

    [If you're using a metric jelly packet, just substitute the liquor for

    1/8 of the water volume.]

    Boil all or about half of the water.

    Put the jelly powder or block or gelatine mix into a large dry bowl, or

    large glass measure, and stir in the boiling water; stir until dissolved,

    about 2 min.

    Mix in the liquor and the cold water, let cool to room temperature.

    Pour into individual serving cups, chill until firm.

    [For Kelly's Whisky Sours, use whisky; for other kinds of sours that use

    liquor of 35%-43% alcohol (70-86 proof), substitute that kind of liquor.]

    RECIPE (DRAFT): Heppelmann's Strawberry Daiquiri Jell-O (4 cups)

    Use 1 large box (4 cup size) or 2 small boxes of Strawberry Jell-O or

    Jelly powder.

    2 cups boiling water

    1 1/2 cups cold water

    1/3 cup light rum

    1/6 cup raspberry liqueur [You can put the cold water and rum into a 2-cup

    measure, and top it off with the liqueur, if you don't have a 1/6-cup


    RECIPE (DRAFT): Wilcox's Strawberry Daiquiri Jell-O (4 cups)

    Use large box or 2 small boxes of Wild Strawberry Jell-O.

    3.25 cups water (half or all of it boiling)

    1/2 cup light rum

    2 TBLS. fresh lime juice.

    3 TBLS. triple sec

    (This is a jellofied version of Sandy Wilcox's Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri


    UK/Israeli Rules: Add the cold water to the boiling water, i.e. boil all

    of it.

    Dissolve the powder with the boiling water.

    After it's all dissolved, add the cold liquids and mix it all up.

    Let it cool to room temperature.

    Pour into individual servings, if desired.

    Refrigerate until firm.

    Recipe: Tillman's Tequila Sunrise Jello

    [[Note: this is a strong "jello shots"-style recipe. For my own

    purposes, I would probably use 3.5 cups water, 1/2 cup tequila. -hazel]

    1 large box (4 cup size) or 2 small boxes (2 cup/400-500 ml size) orange


    2 cups water

    2 cups tequila

    Grenadine [that's cherry syrup to you novics out there]

    cupcake pans

    cupcake liners

    I do a variation of this [Margarita Jell-O] with orange Jello and tequila.

    When making orange Jello I use tequila for the 2 cups of "hot water", once

    it's mixed I add 2 cups cold water, pour into cupcake pans (with liners)

    and let set. Using a bit less cold water and pouring a splash of

    grenadine into the individual cups makes a nice sunrise effect.

    (A normal tequila sunrise contains; orange juice, tequila, and a splash

    of grenadine.)

    RECIPE: Kelly's Whisky Jello, Whisky Sour Jello (Alcoholic)

    (8 cups or 2 cups)

    Quick and easy Whisky Sour Jello: use lemon jell-o, and substitute whisky

    for 1/8 of the water volume. For a 2-cup batch of lemon jell-o, you

    would use 1/4 cup of whisky, and decrease the water by 1/4 cup.

    But enclosed is a more complicated way to do it, which calls for lemonade

    instead of lemon jello. Try it and learn the secrets of unflavored


    Double Batch:

    7 cups pink lemonade. (Take 12 oz. frozen pink lemonade concentrate,

    mix according to package directions, and you'll have 8 cups of lemonade.)

    1 cup Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

    4-6 packages Knox Unflavored Gelatine.

    This is an alcoholic dessert.

    You can make gelatine out of just about anything, and this proves it.

    Boil 5 cups of lemonade.

    In large bowl, sprinkle 4-6 envelopes Knox Gelatine over 2 cups of cold

    lemonade. Let stand 1 minute.

    Add 5 cups of hot lemonade. Stir till dissolved, 5 min. Add booze.

    Chill till firm.

    Note: Knox standard instructions would call for 8 envelopes per 8

    cups liquid for "Knox Blox," and 4 envelopes per 8 cups for "Fruit

    Juice Gelatine." I figure the tiddly dessert should be somewhere in

    between, depending on how stiff you (literally) like your drinks.

    Small Batch:

    I used Knox Dry Gelatin, and followed the directions on the box for 2 cups

    of Fruit Juice Gelatine with 1 packet of the dry knox powder. Except for

    the fruit juice I used 1 3/4 cup Tropicana-brand Sugar Free Lemonade, and

    1/4 cup Early Times Kentucky Whisky (approx 80 proof). Whisky = 1/8 of

    the lemonade volume.

    The Tropicana lemonade apparently is very strongly flavored, so if you go

    this route I would recommend calling them Whisky Sours. On the other

    hand, I've mixed up a batch of Minute Maid Lemonade (or Pink Lemonade)

    from the frozen concentrate, and that comes out tasting less of the

    lemonade and more of the whisky.

    [Frank Kelly Freas, the famed artist & illustrator, loves this

    stuff, so I decided to name it after him.]

    C.S.F. ("Chaz") Baden, P.O. Box 1792, Redondo Beach CA 90278

    (310) 542-5849

    September 1993

    Recipe: Dustman's Pineapple-Orange Rum Jello

    1 large box (4 cup size) or 2 small boxes (2 cup size0 Pineapple-Orange


    3.5 cups water (half or more of it boiling)

    1/2 cup dark rum

    Bought some various jello flavors last night but didn't make it to the

    liqour store, so I had to just try something with what I had in the

    cabinet. I used to drink pineapple juice or pineapple-orange juice with

    dark rum in it, so I had rum and pineapple-orange flavor jello so I tried

    it out. Very tasty, might I say so myself? I used 1/2 cup rum

    substituted for water for a large box of jello as one of your posts


    26 May 1994, Wendy, wdustman@uga.cc.uga.edu

    * * * * *

    hazel-chaz@netcom.com - Home of Margarita Jell-O, an alcoholic use for lime

    jello. Email me with "request margarita" as subject or message for recipe.

    Recipe: Jovian Sunspot Jell-O, for Mother's Day

    Explanation: A "Jovian Sunspot" is a mixed drink, available on the space

    station Babylon 5. It appears in certain episodes of the science

    fiction tv show "Babylon 5."

    The "Mother's Day" part comes from the initials of the ingredients I

    decided to use.

    Mango Jell-O, large box

    Orange Jell-O, small box

    Triple Sec, 1/2 cup

    Honeydew Melon Liqueur (such as Midori), 1/2 cup

    Evan Williams or Early Times Bourbon, 1/2 cup

    Raspberry Jello, small box

    Dissolve the Orange and Raspberry Jell-O in 1 1/2 cups boiling water.

    Add 1/2 cup Honeydew liqueur and 1/2 cup Triple Sec, and 1 cup of cold water.

    Let cool to room temperature.

    Get a bunch of 1-oz. plastic cups, and pour into individual cups - you'll

    need about 40-60 of them. Don't fill them all the way.

    Chill until firm.

    Dissolve the Mango Jell-O in 2 cups of boiling water. Add 1 1/2 cup cold

    water, and 1/2 cup Evan Williams or Early Times whiskey or equivalent.

    Allow to cool to room temperature.

    Get a bowl of warm water, and a whole bunch of 2-oz. plastic cups. Use

    the warm water to loosen the 1-ouncers; you put the cup of Jell-O in for

    10 seconds or so, until it pops out when you try to thump it into the

    larger cup.

    Put the little Jell-Os in the bigger cups, one each, and pour the Mango

    Whisky Jell-O into them. Ponder how Mango Whisky Jell-O sounds like it

    should be part of a call sign. ("Mango Whisky Jell-O Niner Charlie Bravo,

    you're clear for runway Four Five Right...") Let the Jell-O set.

    You might run out of the Mango Whisky Jell-O, in which case make up

    another batch. Or save the leftover sunspots for some other purpose.

    Chill until firm. Put lids on the 2-ounce cup for transport to the

    Lalacon ("Babylonathonacon") Ice Cream Social.

    May 1995, Chaz Baden

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