Chocolate can be somewhat brittle, especially if it’s over …

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Chocolate can be somewhat brittle, especially if it’s over an ice cream
cake or a chilled cake. The easiest way to slice through a chocolate topper
is to use a knife blade that’s been warmed in very hot water, then wiped
dry. Then cut gently with even pressure. The Kaleidoscope Heart and
Butterfly molds both have ‘cutting guides”, which leave an impression on
the cake to follow for eight equal slices – this makes it MUCH easier 🙂

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Thanks for the video. Love your accent :)

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Just made it. Added cinnamon and vanilla love it!!

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I will do it, because it looks so tasty! In Poland we eat a lot os soups
and my grandma put parsley almost to everyone of them, which I hated. But
now parsley is one of my favourite herb. You should try a smoothy: apple
with parsley and water – its great for hair growth. In summer I also put a
little bit of mint to it:)

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risoledoce was first, if anyone missed it.

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