Hi, I have been following ur website off late, ur …

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Hi, I have been following ur website off late, ur recipes r amazing, I
don’t have anyone to teach me, aftergetting married, I have started out as
self taught cook ur website is such a blessing. I had a doubt about
handling iron skillets, can u provide some instruction on seasoning and
maintaining them. There are lots in net but too many information so it is
confusing. I searched ur website, but couldn’t find any. Thanks in advance

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Hey Robin, Yea that was the wireless, works like a charm and the audio is
much improved 😉 Had some issues with editing since it only one channel,
but once I got it figured out it was all good 😉 Brian

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Ahhhhhhhhh so excited and glad that I found your channel!!!!! Definitely
subscribing! :)

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