I don’t have an oven with a flame, just a …

Comment on Video Recipe: How to Make Whole Wheat Flour Tortillas by Ioannnify.

I don’t have an oven with a flame, just a standard oven. Can you pls
recommend how I can make my tortillas balloon like yours. Thanks!

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Jamie’s Stress-free Gravy
@alekto00047, I think that he was eating meat and vegetables after doing
gravy sauce… So he didn’t spent a lot of things.

Chicken cream stew recipe 簡単なシチュー
I used your idea
but instead of meat i used more vegetabels
and i used geric and onions

Aloo Palak – Potato Spinach Curry – Indian Main Course Gravy Recipe By Ruchi Bharani [HD]
Did u add raw palak puree.

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