If I only had that machine :( …

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if I only had that machine 🙁

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Chicken Tarragon — Lynn’s Recipes
I was concerned that you were not showing or mentioning that you were using a clean plate to serve the cooked 'dish' on. I cringed, not knowing for certain that it wasn't going back on the 'raw chicken' plate. Also, why didn't you use fresh tarragon in the sauce? It looses a lot of it's natural flavor when dried!

How to Make Easy Fried Rice | Quick & Healthy Dinner Recipe | Miss Louie
Loved this video. More cooking videos with your mom please!

Easy Sweet & Spicy Pulled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
Can u write the engredians in distribution par

How to make BBQ Chicken – Easy Basic BBQ Grilled Chicken
I wanted to grab one of those right off my screen and eat it. Looks so
delicious! Will try it out this month!

Soup Recipes – How to Make Slow Cooker Potato Soup
Soup Recipes – How to Make Slow Cooker Potato Soup:

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