Recipe ingredients and directions:

Yield: 6 Servings

6 veal cutlets (1/4" thick; sirloin cut)





24 asparagus spears, warmed; cooked tender

2 T beef stock

1 c wine vinegar

1 c wine, white, dry

8 T shallots, minced

4 T tarragon, fresh

4 T parsley, minced

4 T chives, snipped

salt; to taste

black pepper; to taste

Flatten the cutlets, lightly, on both sides with a mallet, heavy

knife or rolling pin (a 2 x 4 works well). Season with salt and

black pepper. Dip in flour. Saute in butter over a moderate

heat, turning the cutlets several times until done to golden brown.

Place on a large warmed platter. Pour the beef stock into a hot

saute pan. Let it cook a minute or so, then pour over the

cutlets. Place four asparagus spears on top of each cutlet and

sauce with spoonful of the bearnaise sauce.

Sauce: Boil wine vinegar and dry white wine with minced shallots

fresh tarragon minced parsley and chives, salt and black pepper to

taste. Boil until reduced by two thirds.

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