Recipe ingredients and directions:

Take the bone out of a fillet and cut thin slices the size of the

leg, beat them flat, rub them with the yolk of an egg beaten, lay

on each piece a thin slice of boiled ham, sprinkle salt, pepper,

grated nutmeg, chopped parsley, and bread crumbs over all, roll

them up tight, and secure them with skewers, rub them with egg and

roll them in bread crumbs, lay them on a tin dripping pan, and set

them in an oven, when brown on one side, turn them, until sufficiently


Slice as large pieces as you can get from a leg of veal; make

stuffing out of grated bread, butter, a little onion, minced salt,

pepper and spread over the slices. Beat an egg and put over the

stuffing; roll each slice up tightly and tie with a thread; stick

a few cloves in them, grate bread thickly over them after they are

put in the skillet, with butter and onions chopped fine; when done

lay them on a dish. Make your gravy and pour over them. Take the

threads off and garnish with eggs, boiled hard and serve. To be

cut in slices.

Category: Beef Veal Recipes