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Yield: 4 servings

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Here are some more recipes from the Sydney Morning Herald, courtesy

of Mark Herron. What to do with leftovers is the subject of the next

three posts.

Turkey meat, which tends to be dry, benefits particularly from this

macadamia dressing, but any roast poultry meat you have left over can

be used instead. Another soft lettuce can stand in for the rocket

(arugula) if you simply can't obtain the latter, but it won't provide

the delicate, savoury flavour. Macadamia oil can now be obtained in

some supermarkets.

Wash and dry thoroughly: 1 bunch of rocket, discarding the coarse

stem ends 1 small, soft lettuce

Arrange the leaves on four plates.

Heat 250 g macadamia nuts in an ungreased container in the oven until

they smell appetizing, then set half aside and tip the other half

into the bowl of a food processor. Add: 2 garlic cloves, roughly

chopped. With salt and pepper process to a paste. With the food

processor.running, slowly add 100 ml macadamia oil, then 50 ml white

wine vinegar.

Slice or shred enough turkey for four people and gently loss it in the

macadamia salad.

Arrange the dressed turkey on the prepared plates, drizzle left-over

dressing over the salad leaves, Sprinkle with reserved macadamia nuts,

roughly chopped, and finely chopped chives. Serve.

Makes 4 servings.

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