Recipe ingredients and directions:

3-4 cauliflowers, broken into small flowerets
2 bunches celery, cut in desired lengths
3 lbs. carrots, cut in desired lengths
3 lbs. green pepper, cut in desired lengths
small white onions (opt.)
green tomatoes (opt.)
green or wax beans (opt.)
4-5 hot peppers
brown sugar
celery tops

Into each quart bottle place 1�" piece of hot pepper and clove of garlic cut in half. Fill
bottles with assorted, washed, cut-up vegetables. Pour brine to about 1�' from top and tightly
pack additional vegetables in jars as they begin to settle.

Use celery tops to keep vegetables under liquid. Then complete filling of brine. Place a
teaspoon of brown sugar on top of each jar and seal tightly. Set bottles in cool place.
Tourshi will be ready in two weeks.

� gal. cider vinegar
� pt. water, strained from � box cooked pickling spices
1 gal. water
1� cups cooking salt (non-iodized)

Makes approximately 12 quarts

Category: Armenian Recipes