Top 10 Foods Rich in POTASSIUM – High Potassium Fruits and Vegetables Sources

Top 10 Foods Rich in POTASSIUM – High Potassium Fruits and Vegetables Sources

The video shows top 10 foods rich in potassium. Most people believe that banana is the richest source of potassium but they would be surprised to know that there are other foods that are more rich in potassium.

Eating high potassium foods consistently will lower blood pressure, reduce risk of kidney stones, and reduce risk of bone loss. Many can be cooked or combined in delicious ways. But when you don’t have time to cook you can still reach the daily goal of 4.7 grams (4700 mg) of potassium in your diet by using these foods that taste great raw and are loaded with potassium.

Melons are a great breakfast, whether eaten plain or in a smoothie. A cup of cantaloupe ***** provides 267 mg of potassium, and honeydew 228 mg. It’s a tasty way to fight high blood pressure.

Some nuts are packed with potassium. Pistachios have 1025 mg in a cupful, and cashews have 660 mg.

Raisins will give you 749 mg of potassium in a cup. They make a great snack and can be added to cereal, salad or yogurt.

A potato with the skin has 421 mg and can be sliced raw into a salad, or mixed with other veggies in a salad. Raw sticks are a delicious appetizer perfect for your favorite dip.

Beans are quality high potassium food. A cup of black beans raw will provide 1483 mg. Whether white, red, kidney, navy or pinto, beans have the same high content. They can be eaten as finger foods, or on salads or cold pasta. If cooked, much of the potassium will be in the juice or water, so drink it down too.

Broccoli and zucchini are loaded with potassium. Put them in a salad or use as an appetizer or side dish. One stalk of broccoli or a cup of flowerets supplies 325 mg, and one zucchini gives 459 mg.

Spinach can make a great raw substitute for lettuce in a salad, or substitute for pita bread as a roll-up with your choice of filler. There are 558 mg in a cup.

With so many salads and appetizers, it would be nice to have a dip that is high in potassium. There are two that fill the bill – avocado and yogurt. One cup of pureed avocado has 507 mg, and plain yogurt from skim milk has 255 mg. Avocado also is a delicious topping on meat, or can be used as filler in a roll-up, or mixed into a salad. Of course, yogurt is also tasty by itself, with fruit pieces added, or as a topping on fruit.

Bananas are always mentioned and will provide 358 mg. Its close relative, the plantain has 499 mg in a cup.

Two drinks that will quench your thirst for the magic mineral are skim milk with 312 mg in a glass, and orange juice, with 200 mg.


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