The Healthiest Snack Ever – Quick Easy and Delicious Kale Chips Recipe!

Derek and Shane from shows you how you can eat healthy, delight your friends, and get fit rather than fat with Kale Chips!

You will be addicted to these with this amazing recipe idea! It is quite possibly one of the easiest and best tasting Kale chip recipes out there.

These are quick and easy to make in an oven and are delicious. Even if you suck at cooking, Derek Doepker and Shane Edele of Excuse Proof Fitness will show you how easy they are to prepare. Super Bowl Sunday will no longer be an excuse to eat like crap when you have an alternative this delicious!

The secret is when Kale is baked, it has a crunchy and mild flavor rather than a “leafy green” flavor. The Kale then becomes a “spice delivering device” to hit your taste buds with whatever tasty flavors you want.

I recommend Curry spice for the incredible health benefits of Turmeric, one of the world’s healthiest spices which adds a nice “cheesy” flavor.

Try them with a little UNREFINED salt (pink Himalayan salt, Celtic sea salt, Redmond salt).

Add in cayenne pepper for a hot spiciness.

Enjoy them with some melted organic ghee or organic butter for those that like buttery flavors.

Use a spice mix like Thai or Italian spices.

Get creative! You can add in vinegar, lemon juice, crushed cashews, or whatever healthy ingredients you want.

Baking time varies, be sure to get them crunchy but not burned or the flavor will be off.

40-50 minutes at 200 degree OR 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees.

For more tips and advice on being fit and healthy, follow Excuse Proof Fitness at: (go there to download your free “Excuse Proof Fitness Survival Guide)
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