Sweet & Sour Pig’s Head Served Whole

Sweet & Sour Pig’s Head Served Whole

In this episode, Brad and Jeff are back with a pig’s head… or two. One of the most popular dishes at their restaurant Alla Spina, these brined, sweet & sour whole pig’s head is a serious showstopper. You might want to wait for a big special occasion, but you can definitely try this at home! Subscribe for new awesome recipes and badass food videos: http://goo.gl/Z7lbS

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Think of it as a charcuterie plate — instead of already cut and cured meats, you can go buck wild peeling off strips of the cured pig’s head like the cheek and jowls and even the snout, tongue and brains. It may seem a little Lord of the Flies-esque, but isn’t a huge difference from being served a whole fish or Peking duck. This is a great party platter for anyone who’s interested in butchery and nose-to-tail cooking. Start three days in advance to fully brine the head, boil it with aromatics and vegetables until it’s fall-off-the-skull tender, then roast and baste it with a sweet and sour beer agrodulce glaze until it’s golden brown. Serve with crusty bread, olive oil and jam for an awesome appetizer!

Would you give this a try at a restaurant? Would you make this? If you do, let us know what did you think! What do you want to see on Dude Food next? Tell us in the comments below.

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