Wow!!! It looks very tasty! I try to cook it …

Comment on Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup Recipe, Jjam Ppong, 짬뽕 – Crazy Korean Cooking by tonytheabc.

Wow!!! It looks very tasty! I try to cook it tonight^^

lots love from Japan.

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Kerala Beef Ularthiyathu Video Recipe
super taste..thank uuu

Kris, KC go healthy with Juju Eats’ salads
masarap talaga yan"… ang daming sahog eh…
kahit iyan lang ang kainin mo everyday, magiging healthy ka"…
KC. ang ganda mo talaga, palibhasa maganda ang blood line mo…

Pomme Purée
Pomme Purée otherwise known as butter with a small portion of potato lol. Man it looks good tho…

Essential Pépin: Roast Capon with Armagnac-Mushroom Sauce
Something I seldom see is chefs cooking with Oyster mushrooms and they in
my opinion go really really well with chicken. You can slice them into
strips which become the noodle in a chicken noodle soup. It’s amazing.

Easy Banana Cake Recipe – Great with ripe bananas, yummy banana cake tutorial
Thanks. Its like a cooking class!

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