I hope you had been more serious since you are …

Comment on Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup Recipe, Jjam Ppong, 짬뽕 – Crazy Korean Cooking by JULIENNE SILAYRO.

I hope you had been more serious since you are cooking, you’re giving me an
impression of you’re not sure of what you are doing. You tend to play than

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How to Make Fruit-Flavored Rainbow Popcorn | RadaCutlery.com
Can i use jell-o powder?

Miyoko Schinner: Demo “Better than Grilled Cheese: Recipes from Artisan Vegan Cheese”
Amazing demo and a great intro to vegan cheeses, book ordered! So many
vegan cheeses on the market are just not that good, so this is great!
Thanks for sharing this. :-)

Pickled Deviled Eggs Recipe
Haha I just came back here after watching your Deviled Eggs tutorial and I
don’t get the “ugly language” thing. YouTube’s such a party pooper, this is

Best Carbonara Recipe
Cooking desastre,pasta looks absolutely disgusting and why you guys repeat
like retarded cream,creamy,cream,creamy .That’s the only words you know?
And you eat like pigs,nobody teach you how to eat spaghetti.Bad and
extremly mediocre performance.lol

Pie Crust Recipe Demonstration – Joyofbaking.com
Bribe show

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