Looks amazing but I have tummy issues how can I …

Comment on Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup Recipe, Jjam Ppong, 짬뽕 – Crazy Korean Cooking by Miko Kobayashi.

looks amazing but I have tummy issues how can I cook that with less amount
of fat so I don’t get sick I react badly to fatty food.

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I made it and it was soo good. I even tried avocados on one. Perfect.

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hi, what did you do with the mash?

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Such a great laugh….

Then the happy music at the end. 

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+Weelicious Bananas are my favorite snack with nuts, delicious . 

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I do regularly follow ur recipe videos n luv thm all. Can u pls share veg
momos recipe if possible. Thanks :-)

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