Simple Sponge Cake Recipe – Detailed & EZ to follow !

Simple Sponge Cake Recipe - Detailed & EZ to follow !

Today I’ll show you how to make a simple but yet very moist and fluffy sponge cake you can use in your own recipes. At the end of this video, there are 2 video links that will bring you to the 2nd and 3rd video in this series. After making the sponge cake, I’ll be making a strawberry puree, and in the final video (3rd ) we will be making a stunning strawberry shortcake, a French inspired version called a torte fraisier. This was one of my favourite cakes to make while in pastry school a long time ago.

Bake time on this cake was approx 45 minutes. Check with a wooden skewer around the 30 to 40 minute mark in your oven to see if it is done. Time will vary depending on the size of springform pan you use.

HD Video Links For Mobile Users:
Strawberry Short Cake / Classic French Torte Fraisier

Strawberry Puree

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