Seafood Fried Rice | Chinese Take Out How To Recipe

Seafood Fried Rice | Chinese Take Out How To Recipe

Seafood Fried Rice….delicious and healthy. Chinese Food is another cuisine that may seem taboo when you’re trying to eat healthier. But by keeping the rice to veggie ratio equal you can end up with a well balanced and healthy dish!

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Seafood Fried Rice


Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley 1 Cup

Chicken Broth 2 1/2 Cups

Trader Joe’s Seafood Medley 8 oz

Broccoli 8 oz

Organic Foursome (Vegetable Medley) 8 oz

Sun Bird Fried Rice Seasoning 1 Packet


Cook your Trader Joe’s Brown Rice Medley per instructions.

Spray down a large skillet with Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray and heat pan.

Toss in your Seafood Medley and cook until Shrimp are pink and opaque and Calamari Rings are tender. Then transfer onto a plate.

Spray your skillet down once again with Olive Oil spray and toss in your thawed out frozen veggies. Cook until tender.

Once your Rice is done dump into the skillet with the veggies and also add in your Seafood Medley. Add your Fried Rice Seasoning Packet and mix all the ingredients together.

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