Do you keep a straight face when you talk? I …

Comment on Savory Ricotta Tart – Easy Herbed Ricotta Pie Recipe by Coralie Colon.

Do you keep a straight face when you talk? I would be dying of laughter at
my own jokes. Thank you for this.

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Homemade Fresh Pasta Recipe
Ive made pasta once in my life and that was enough. Unless I get that kitchen aid attachment I'll just stick with the store bought or have you send me some. Its a work out rolling and kneading that dough. I was sweating just watching you do it.

Date and Nut Laddoo – Healthy Indian Sweet Recipe.
Lovely recipe shruti 🙂
Can you plz give link of utensils or the pan set you are using,I love them

Thank you! I really needed this! 

Mix Smoothie breakfast drink today
Thanks for sharing, I want to get some Raw Meal to try, that looks good! I
found frozen blueberries and fruit at my local dollar tree a few weeks ago
and stocked up, they were from the US and a large bag. They sell out fast ,
the lady that worked there said its a new item. Many blessings to you
beautiful Rosa!

Classic Chicken Casserole from Kerryann’s Family Cookbook
More KerryAnn’s great cooking ideas, please! She’s fabulous! Love her. Love
her ideas. Love her sense of humor. She’s a REAL person and we enjoy her

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