I too own a “sit on the floor cam” – …

Comment on Savory Ricotta Tart – Easy Herbed Ricotta Pie Recipe by Lyndsay Wells, The Kitchen Witch.

I too own a “sit on the floor cam” – and as someone who is as vertically
challenged as the torte, it has my full support. “Should I tap that?” –
wine came out my nose! Ha ha ha! Thanks Chef John, even though it came out
thin, there is no doubt this was delicious.

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This was another fantastic recipe.
Thank you so much, for a quick, easy, and delicious healthy option.

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Tha chorizo sausage sounds like a great substitution for the bacon! I also
love the jambalaya spice idea! Thanks for the great feedback and tips!
–Betty 🙂

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popcorn is a dish?

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You are so silly! the CUBAN talk was hilarious.. U were so off lol but U
certainly get an A for effort!! Thnk you for the recipe, mom. :)

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