I’d definitely tap that ricotta tart. …

Comment on Savory Ricotta Tart – Easy Herbed Ricotta Pie Recipe by Gvjssb.

I’d definitely tap that ricotta tart.

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Mario Batali’s Grilled Cheese Recipe | The Meredith Vieira Show
He puts something red in the milk and I cant figure out what it is!!!

Sauerkraut Making Recipe in Crock, Probiotics, Health, 3 of 4, Fast Easy
My Oma had a wooden pounder that we are supposed to use.  I inherited it and the crock.  I'll be making our family's recipe this year.  🙂  thanks for the videos.  makes me smile a lot.  and some good reminders of room or basement temperature.  Also, the people who are commenting on stink have probably never made it, and are not used to fermenting odours, which are unavoidable.  Thanks again.

13-17 Week Pregnancy Vlog: Stretch Marks, Vegetarian Protein, Pregnancy safe products!
Aaaand thanks Suki for the spoiler!! I didnt know what gender it was yet!! 

BBQ Pulled Pork Mexican Pizza (Cooking “without” Cooking Recipe)
I was amazed with this recipe “BBQ Pulled Pork Mexican Pizza”. Can you
provide some of your videos? I found a few of them in my “paleoboo” (search
on google / yahoo). Thanks! Really appreciate it.

ENERGY Protein Bars … Athlete POWER … Delicious Vegan Vegetarian Recipe
A delicious Energy Bar recipe! A proven winner on the bike or trail. Great
for taking on shopping excursions or to the beach too.
Add even more protein to the recipe by including some Hemp protein to the
ingredients in place of some of the dry. Change the seeds and nuts to what
you like and prefer. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Homemade tastes so much
better than the store bought ones. Try them, I don’t think you will ever go
back to the manufactured ones again. 

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