San Sebastian, Mecca for food lovers

San Sebastian, Mecca for food lovers

San Sebastian, northern Spain – 5 June 2012
1. Various of head chef and owner Juan Mari Arzak at kitchen
2. Close up of food
3. Chef Arzak carrying food
4. Chef Arzak preparing food
5. Various of head chef and owner Juan Mari Arzak talking with his staff at restaurant laboratory
6. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Juan Mari Arzak, head chef and owner of Arzak restaurant:
“I have no idea. The only thing that I know is that we have a passion for cooking. This also applies to the regular people in the city that love to cook as well. Really I don’t know. Everybody’s lives here regardless of their social or economic status revolves around cooking.”
7. Various of customers dining
8. Close up wine being poured
9. Mid shot of wine being tasted
10. Wide of wine being poured
11. Wide of food being served
12. Various of diners eating food
13. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Maria Herria, diner
“We all like eating. But we especially like to try different flavours. We eat well everyday at home. But we wanted to come here to find out the difference between eating here and all the other restaurants in the world. And when they explain you the ingredients they use to prepare these dishes, many of then you can’t even see them, you can live the experience of trying something unique.”
14. Various of luxury restaurants awarded with Michelin Stars
15. Close up of sign at Arzak restaurant
16. Wide shot of Michelin starred restaurant Rekondo Jatetxea,
17. Close up of sign Rekondo Jatetxea,
18. Wide shot of Michelin starred restaurant Zuberoa,
19. Close up of sign restaurant Zuberoa
20. Wide shot restaurant Michelin starred restaurant Akelare
21. Close up of sign restaurant Akelare
Mugaritz restaurant San Sebastian, northern Spain – 5 June 2012
22. Wide of countryside and Mugaritz restaurant
23. Various of chef Andoni Luis Aduriz talking with his staff
24. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Andoni Luis Aduriz, head chef at Mugaritz restaurant
“We notice that despite the crisis we remain the centre of attention from clients coming from all over the world. It isn’t unusual to have 17 or 20 tables throughout the day and all of them are tourists from abroad. And not from a specific place or country. But from all over the world. We can have in a single service a table from Israel, another from China, another from the USA and another from England and all over Europe.”
25. Various of diners preparing their food before eating at Mugaritz
26. Diner eating
27. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Elizabeth Cicino, diner:
“It isn’t just about coming here and seat at the table to eat. You also live an experience. And this experience consists not only in sharing it with the person sat at your table. It is an inner experience that makes you break the rules one has about conventional dining.”
28. Various of Mugaritz kitchen staff preparing food
29. Exterior of tapas bar
30. Various of tapas bar
31. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) I�igo Galatas, journalist and food and wine critic
“The fact behind this success is a unique gastronomic culture that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. There is a local culture of cooking well and also eating out at good restaurants. This is something that doesn’t occur in many places.”
32. Mid shot of woman being served a typical Basque “pintxo” tapa,
33. Mid of bar terrace
34. Pan across bay to La Concha beach
35. Mid of beach front
The world economic crisis has hit Spain hard, but one corner is continuing to thrive and attract the tourists.
San Sebastian in Northeast Spain is known as one of the major culinary capitals of the world and has more restaurants with Michelin Stars per square metre than any other city in the world.
Juan Mari Arzak is the patriarch of Spanish new cuisine.

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