Raw Vegan Cake & Macaroons with Nuts & Raisins, The Ideal Christmas Healthy Dessert

Raw Vegan Cake & Macaroons with Nuts & Raisins, The Ideal Christmas Healthy Dessert

Raw Vegan Cake & Macaroons with Nuts & Raisins, The Ideal Christmas Healthy Dessert

If you’re trying hard to eat clean and healthy, I bet you’re gonna fall in love with this awesome delicious raw vegan cake & macaroons recipe, buterless, sugarless and florless. Macaroons and mini cupcakes are an alternative for those of you who like small sweet treats

Giving up dessert is not an option, you just have to stick to healthy choices and you’re gonna be guilt feelings free

This yummy recipe is flour, sugar, butter free and is raw, the healthiest & most nutritious way to eat.

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