Make sure that the cedar planks that you use aren’t …

Comment on Prime Rib Roast Recipe (Cedar Planked) by Mark T.

Make sure that the cedar planks that you use aren’t ‘treated’ wood. Don’t
just think you can go to the home depot and buy anything. Treated lumber
has chemicals on it which can be toxic.

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Hi, I'm going to make this for cupcakes on Saturday, what would you suggest be the earliest time I could make the frosting? Would it be ok to make it a couple days in advance and keep it in the fridge? I will take a picture of the finished cupcakes and and put it on Twitter and tag you.

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Well I was really liking your Video until you offended me! I live in the Desert and we can't always get Garlic as well as other things. Sometimes you do have to use garlic in a jar and quite frankly I see NO gross about it!!! It's Garlic!!! Oh and you can take off the gloves after cutting the peppers. PROMISE, it won't hurt you…..

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I just made this 5/5/15 it's not that good it's a what ever sauce it's kinda sour should watch the Lemmon and it has a lot of butter

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Finally a vegan meatloaf that doesn’t use walnuts. Thanks for sharing. I
don’t know where I’d get chestnuts, but I’ll look around 🙂

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