Can I use sea salt instead? What difference does …

Comment on Prime Rib Roast Recipe (Cedar Planked) by T Anderson.

Can I use sea salt instead? What difference does it make by using Cedar

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I'm obsessed with Nutella! I have really enjoyed all of your videos I've watched so far!!

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youre so beautiful. I wanna **** you in the ***

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Considering how well I place in the recent dolma composition, I have considered making a new video with my winning recipe. If any of you are interested in seeing this and some of my other international dishes, please let me know below in your comments. Thank you…


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I love to make this when the grandkids are over because they're young and can handle it….and LOVE it. I would love it too but know better lol….though I might cheat here and there ;)

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Mmmh, i feel hungry now. 

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