Your Prime Rib looked dried out to me. I cannot …

Comment on Prime Rib Roast Recipe (Cedar Planked) by Robin Hoode.

Your Prime Rib looked dried out to me. I cannot believe that you would ruin
a roast in this fashion. Prime rib needs to be served rare, cave man style,
with red juices spilling all over your slice. You must…. must tell
viewers to use a quality thermometer to avoid doing what the video suggests
that you have done …. overcooked your meat!

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so true. He's been there forever. Sanjeev Kapoor is the pioneer for setting off Indian cooking shows in India. HOW AWESOME!!! My mom and aunts been fans of him always, and now me too. He made food and cooking show fun and exciting back then; and now it's the ''in thing''. made it so much easier for the newbies.

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thats highly detailed, but the reward is the finished product 🙂 I will try to learn how to do this when i have a chance.

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Ten spray to olej czy co? :D

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