What kind of soy sauce? …

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what kind of soy sauce?

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Interview with Hubert Keller and How to Make the Best Burger Ever
When I started reading "Burger Bar", I thought it was strange that so little attention is paid to the bun. By the time I was done reading, I realized that it was because in any of the recipes, the bun was strictly optional. This guy is AMAZING. BTW Chef: I humbly disagree with you. The first burger was not served 100 years ago in St. Lois. It was served several thousand years ago in Rome. It was known as “Isicia Omentata”. So your history is a bit off, but your recipes are the best I ever had.

Pasta and Creamy Primavera Sauce Recipe – Southern Queen of Vegan Cuisine 23/328
***** yo breath stank

Chile-Garlic Chicken Legs – Everyday Food with Sarah Carey
This is totally a Chinese way to cook 'Hong Shao' chicken legs. In northern China, some one use coke instead of soy sauce and sugar. As the coke contains a lot of sugar and the sugar can color the chicken very well.

Indian Pepper Chicken Curry Recipe – CookingWithAlia – Episode 357
Indian Pepper Chicken Curry Recipe: http://youtu.be/Gr7E2bhg0iw wonderful! !!! I love this recipe! 

(HD) RECIPE: Hainanese Chicken Rice 海南雞飯 ( with rice cooker )
easy to cook…thanks

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