Habe sie grade gemacht, weil ich voll Lust drauf hatte. …

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Habe sie grade gemacht, weil ich voll Lust drauf hatte. Schmecken also auch Abend super:)))

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The authentic recipe does not have so much butter.plain yoghurt is used insted n a lil bit of fresh cream

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Kind of Nutty, it’s really yummy. and so easy and fast to cook. xs

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Thank you Diane, your videos are so high quality, and i don’t mean that
technically but visually appealing, your stage setting, and you personally!
A question on the semolina, you mention coarse, but it looks fine, where I
am at it’s hard to find except for the French for couscous. I imagine I
need to find semolina as small grain as possible? evharisto poli!

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