Mujadara Recipe Video (Most Popular Mujadara Recipe) Vegan

Mujadara Recipe (Also spelled as Mujaddara or Moujadara) is a healthy brown or green lentil bulgur pilaf. Topped with caramelized onion with just a little oil is packed with Iron and nutrition. Mujadara is an easy and healthy Arabic vegetarian / vegan dish. Served perfect with a salad and yogurt drink called Tahn or Ayran or Dugh. Find the recipe for the yogurt drink on our site

Mujadara is the Arabic lentil rice recipe that once you try you will know what all the excitement is about.

You will need a stock pot, frying pan, strainer, mixing bowl and utensil.

Cooking great healthy whole grain food, made delicious and easy. Also an excellent diet recipe.

I have all the written directions for this amazing Mujadara Recipe and more bulgur wheat recipes plus don’t forget about the yogurt drink that is traditionally served with this recipe.

This Mujadara recipe has been a family favorite for ages and I would love to hear your comments.

I have more Bulgur wheat recipes and am always available to answer questions for all my videos either here or at my website so do not hesitate to ask a question or request a recipe. But first check and see if I have already prepared a video.

I am always on the lookout for healthy food ideas any suggestions? I would like to hear from you.

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Mujadara Recipe Video (Most Popular Mujadara Recipe) Vegan

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