Recipe ingredients and directions:

6 ts Gelatine

2 tb Cold Water

1 c Hot Water

2 c Castor Sugar

1 t Vanilla

Powdered Chocolate

Coconut (desiccated/toasted)

Sprinkle gelatine over cold water in a cup and let

soak for 3 minutes. Stand cup in hot water until

gelatine dissolves. Combine hot water and sugar, add

vanilla and stir well. Add dissolved gelatine. Beat

until thick and white. Whilst using damp hands, form

mixture into 2-3 inch balls. Then drop into powdered

chocolate and finally roll in desiccated or toasted

desiccated coconut.


Spoon mixture into patty tins. Leave to set for

several hours and then roll in hundreds and thousands

or toasted coconut.

To toast coconut:

Spread coconut thinly on a scone or metal tray and

heat for 10 minutes in slow oven (160C/325 deg F)

Stir frequently till golden brown.

Category: Australian Recipes