Low Fat Gluten-Free Vegetarian Dinners

Please READ this box for more info. My “Low Calorie Gluten-Free Dinners” are cooked using mainly unprocessed, natural ingredients. Discover what is a gluten-free diet, should you go on a gluten-free diet and 3 healthy, simple and delicious dinners you can make for you and your family.

1) Tomato Rice & Black Beans
2) Low Calorie Vegetarian Quinoa Lasagne
3) Chickpeas Vegetable Curry

Always remember that all my meals are interchangeable, so you can make these recipes for your lunch as well. Do let me know which is your favourite dinner in the comments below. =)

The written recipes are available on my website here:

p/s The calorie count is an estimate and based on the products I used, so please check the food label of your products and you can count the calories based on the amount (weight) you use.

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Low Fat Gluten-Free Vegetarian Dinners

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