Recipe ingredients and directions:

Special Note :

The key point of this recipe is the so called "grasa de pella"

It is a liquid fat obtained by melting in a skillet pieces of veal fat

you can ask to your butcher.

They discard these pieces of fat after trimming the meat for steaks.

At the end of process, filter the liquid fat through a tea colander to

eliminate solids.

Producing the ingredient in this way instead of purchasing it, guarantees

the homemade taste and avoids unpleasant surprises.


1 Kg. or 2 pounds of white flour

1 egg, salt, water

250 g. or � pound of "grasa de pella"

Combine flour and salt in a bowl.

Pour in the tepid liquid "grasa de pella", the entire egg and water

until reasonable well combined.

Turn out on a floured surface and knead until smooth.

Leave 15 minutes to rest covered with a moisted cloth.

Roll on the dough with a knead-stick stretching until 3 milimeters thick.

Cut circles aproximately 5 inches in diameter.


2 pounds of veal beef, tenderloin in preference, in slices 5 milimeters


With a sharp knife cut it in small cubes 5 milimeters wide.

It can be used minced meat from the butcher but this is not the

right "criollo" way.

2 large onions minced well chopped.

2 tablespoons of paprika

1 tablespoon of dried crushed red pepper(flakes)

2 cups filled of "grasa de pella", salt

Heat the two large cups of "grasa de pella" in a saucepan until liquid.

Saute in it the chopped onion until soft but not brown.

Retire from heat and add the chopped meat, paprika, crushed red

pepper and salt to taste.

Turn for mixing very well.

Let the filling become cold and then refrigerate until it solidifies.

This is the secret for juicy empanadas.

Final setup:

Place a portion of filling in the center of each circle of dough

and add a green olive without core.

Lightly brush the edges with water and fold the dough over the filling.

Crimp the edges securely by pressing them with a fork or make overlaped

small folds along the line of union of the edges as a sort of seam

called "repulgue".

Make sure it remains securely closed.

To bake:

Preheat the oven to 375�F(180�C). Arrange the empanadas on a buttered

cookie sheet. Brush the tops lightly with egg yolk or butter and bake

until light brown.(aprox. 15 minutes)

To saute:

Heat enough oil to cover the empanadas in a saucepan over high heat.

When very hot,sink the empanadas until light brown. (aprox. 5 minutes)

Verify the temperature of oil. It must be very hot.

Throw a small piece of bread into the pan to check it.

The bread will be surrounded by bubbles when oil is ready.

In both ways of cooking wait 15 minutes before eating.

The filling has a high thermal inertia and burning your tongue

will not help to enjoy this delicious typical argentine meal.

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