Jjolmyeon Recipe (Korean Spicy Cold Chewy Noodles) 쫄면 만들기

Jjolmyeon Recipe (Korean Spicy Cold Chewy Noodles) 쫄면 만들기

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♥ Jjolmyeon (Korean Spicy Cold Chewy Noodles) Full Recipe:

Jjolmyeon Ingredients:

2 Tbs. Gochujang (Korean red pepper paste)
Fresh juice from 1 lemon (approximately 2½ Tbs)
1 Tbs. Gochugaru (Korean red pepper flakes)
2 Tbs. Sugar
1 Tbs. Toasted sesame oil
1 tsp. Toasted sesame seeds
1 Clove garlic, minced or grated
4 oz. Soybean sprouts
12 oz. Jjolmyeon noodles, separate each noodles
1Tbs. Salt
2 oz. Cabbage, thinly sliced
2 oz. Cucumber, julienne
2 oz. Carrot, julienne
1 Hard boiled egg

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