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laddu recipe,Instant laddu recipe,quick Indian sweets dishes/desserts recipes idea,easy Indian sweets/mithai recipes. Visit to learn more about Instant chocolate ladoo Recipe and many more Indian Vegetarian Recipes, Indian Snack Recipes. Restaurant and Dhaba Style Recipes, Kids tiffin box recipes and main course recipes for Lunch and Dinner.
Ladoo recipe,Chocolate laddu, instant lodoo recipe.Chocolate Truffles: Chocolate ladoo recipe is a quick desert recipe, Indian sweet recipe which requires no cooking and can be done in minutes.Here is a quick recipe:
For Laddus:
Marie biscuits: 24
Chopped nuts: 1/4 cup,
Unsweetened chocolate powder: 3 tbsp,
Condense milk: 1/2 cup

For Coating:
Condense milk: 1/4 cup,
Dry grated coconut : 1/4 cup,
Sprinklers: 1/4 cup

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