How to Make Tofu Steak Salad (Recipe) 豆腐ステーキサラダ (レシピ)

How to Make Tofu Steak Salad (Recipe) 豆腐ステーキサラダ (レシピ)


You can eat it with your favorite dressing 🙂

Healthy & Filling salad idea which is also perfect for your main dish!

This is my prize-winning recipe at GABAN’s recipe contest.

Tofu Steak Salad

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 15min
Number of servings: 2

6 thinly sliced pork rib (any portion is okay)
300g (10.6oz.) Momen-Dofu (firm tofu)
salt and cracked black pepper
cooking oil
2-3 tbsp. dressing of your choice (garlic flavored one is recommended)
salad of your choice

1. Drain tofu, wrap in paper towels, and place a heavy dish on top (for 20-30 min) to help press out the water. Cut tofu into 6 pieces.
2. Place a slice of pork. Season with a bit of salt and cracked black pepper onto one side, place the tofu on the end of the pork, then start rolling. Repeat with the remaining pork slices and tofu. Then lightly coat them with starch.
3. Heat cooking oil in a frying pan, place the rolls seam side down, you can cover and steam to cook them through for a couple of minutes, then make sure to flip the rolls so that all sides are cooked equally crisp and brown.
4. Serve the tofu steaks with some salad and a dressing of your choice.


Dressing I used:
RIKEN Non-Oil Dressing Garlic Pepper Soy Sauce (リケンのノンオイル くせになるペッパー醤油)

RIKEN dressings overseas are here:

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Josh Woodward

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