Awwww it is so cute for my uncles wedding …

Comment on How to Make Mini Cakes for Edible Gifts or Wedding Favors by Pink Cake Princess by Ceauna Hardrick.

awwww it is so cute for my uncles wedding

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Quick and yummy, great weekday meal.

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Hi vicky1220! Thank you so much for posting! This is so much easy than pan
frying! Really yummy too! Wishing you and yours a Happy and Blessed New
Year! Hugs!

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Where can I buy veggie sauce for this meal? 

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In Malaysia they do to make & sell curry puffs in restaurants or stalls

I love this so much. I sent my mom a link so she could get on board with
this! We are both GOING TO BUY THIS AWESOME SPIRALIZER product thanks to
you Lexi. Please, let us know which brand you use. Is it the Spirooli or
the Paderno??

Please let us know. Love you. Thank you for spreading your positivity and
beautiful soul with the world. 

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