Wow, that was clever, I’ve never seen it done this …

Comment on How to Make Mini Cakes for Edible Gifts or Wedding Favors by Pink Cake Princess by Haniela’s.

Wow, that was clever, I’ve never seen it done this way. Thanks Andrea.

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Good looking eggs… Not store bought.

Filipino Chicken Adobo ► QueenDeeFitness
I must try this dish! Looks amazing!

♥ My 3 FAVE Healthy Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) ♥
P.s, I wonder if your hubby watched you plate it and was helping you make
it pretty! Hehe! My brother is a Chef along with my Dad and Grandfather.
Plating is EVERYTHING to them. Haha! 

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The recipe calls for unsalted butter.

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can i use other daals as well?

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