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Fruit Roll Up Recipe: Fruit Roll-Ups that you buy from the store are filled with preservatives and artificial flavors. These homemade ones are healthy and delicious. What other flavors would you like to see us make? Post your comments below.

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21 Responses

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  2. Annelie Ferstl
  3. Amina A
  4. Karrie Jensen
  5. sam jose
  6. Stephanie Gail
  7. SolarizeYourLife
  8. Hannah Lynch
  9. Eda Ahmaogak
  10. Lynn Booster
  11. Steven even
  12. Pearl Wagner
  13. Rob Hodge
  14. Samantha Deras
  15. Eli Horowitz
  16. David Bessey
  17. Michelle Thermos
  18. natalieleigh soh
  19. Catastrophe
  20. Pinkie Lol
  21. Ducky The Animatronic

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