How to Make Fresh Pasta From Scratch | Video Recipe

How to Make Fresh Pasta From Scratch | Video Recipe

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This video will demonstrate how to make a simple pasta from scratch. Once this technique is mastered, you can use this dough as a base for any number of basic variations.

Ingredients Used

9oz “00” Pasta Flour (by weight)
6oz Whole Eggs (by weight, or about 3 whole eggs plus one yolk)

Note: Although the ingredients for the pasta dough were weighed out in this video, it was mainly to give people who have never made fresh pasta before an accurate starting point. Once you’ve made pasta dough a couple of times, you can easily “eye ball” the dough measurements. Bottom line, you want to end up with a fairly stiff dough that is still somewhat workable.

Notes about different types of flours:

In this video I demonstrated how to make fresh pasta dough using 00 Pasta Flour. If you can not find 00 flour in your area, a national brand of All Purpose Flour (AP) will also work.

Many other types of flours are used to make pasta dough depending on region and desired qualities of the finished pasta. In Southern Italy, hard durum wheat is normally used to make pasta dough while a softer style of wheat is preferred in Northern regions. Other forms of fresh pasta dough can include buckwheat, rye, barley, corn and rice flours as well as chickpea and chestnut.

However, fresh pasta is rarely made exclusively from the additional flours listed above, but are more commonly added to semolina, durum or 00 flour to give a unique flavor and texture.

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