How to butcher whole Striped Bass- How to Fillet Bass- Encore Restaurant Larchmont ny

How to butcher whole Striped Bass- How to Fillet Bass- Encore Restaurant Larchmont ny

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This is a very easy technique to rove the bones from a Bass. Make sure you are using a large sharp knife. Follow the bones of the Striped Bass. You want to run long stroke with the knife so you do not damage the flesh. Deboning a wild striped bass take so knife skill. But it is easy after you did it a couple times. Filleting a wild striped bass or-deboning a striped Bass ( how to debone a stripped bass) can be dangerous. You could cut your hand or fingers if you do not pay attention to the knife. Wild striped bass recipes-could be roasted Striped bass-Grilled striped bass-sautéed Stripped bass. Poaching a striped bass is not the best way to cook that fish. Wild striped Bass are delicious. Much tastier than Farm Raised striped bass.

That video was made at _The International Culinary Center-home of the legendary-French Culinary Institute. Not to confused with-Culinary Institute of America-much better school than-Le cordon Bleu-or any other -Culinary School.

My Favorite Chefs use very similar techniques to Butcher their fish. They all have great recipes for cooking Wild Striped Bass. Look them up.

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Filleting fish-how to cut a fish-cutting fish

The international culinary center
The French Culinary Institute
culinary school
cooking school
How to fillet a salmon quickly. This Technique is one of the best to butcher whole salmon. The Knife cut close to the bone of the Salmon fillet. Removing the head of the salmon and the fillet of the salmon. Removing the pin bones of the salmon. Farm raise salmon are sustainable. Cooking school basic technique. Butchering basic technique. Cutting a salmon for sushi-salmon burger-. Professional butchering technique demonstration-of cutting a whole fish. Dressing and Filleting round fish. Salmon cooking recipes. Learn how to debone whole salmon.
How do you know the fish is fresh- it should have a shiny, brilliant appearance, scales firmly in place. Bright shiny eyes, sunken eyes are not a sign of freshness. Bright red gills, full of blood, firm, and intact stomach; firm flesh, resistant to the touch with a nice fresh odor.
Salmon fillet can be sautéed-Salmon can be poached-Salmon fillet can be roasted-smoke salmon-

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