How To Build Leg Muscle – Got Chicken Legs? Discover How To Build Leg Muscle Fast!

How To Build Leg Muscle – Got Chicken Legs? Discover How To Build Leg Muscle Fast!

2 things you must know to chisel your physique to perfection – find out here:

How To Build Leg Muscle – Got Chicken Legs? Discover How To Build Leg Muscle Fast! The truth is that there is no secret to building leg muscle and packing on size and strength. To build leg muscle, you need to train your legs. No only that, but to build serious leg muscle fast, you need to train your legs hard AND smart! Find out how to PROPERLY make a customized meal plan and training program to build leg muscle (and any muscles for that matter) FAST!

@0:53 – Hey Vince, when trying to get size on my legs, is it good to do a split workout for quads the first part of the week and then later on in the week workout the hamstrings? Will that help build more leg muscle by splitting them up?

@2:17 – Vince how often do you need to train your abdominal/core muscles if you are on a bulking up phase?

@3:45 – Hey Vince, 1st question from your ATSGS you once said that DOMS normally lasts 3 days. Is there any bad physiological disadvantage from overdoing exercise? I normally go about 1 week or more of DOMS especially on leg exercises. 2nd also on ATSGS you suggested doing 50 pullups per day 6 days a week for awesome looking lats, do we need to do a split day training for back if we do this and should it be done on the starting or end before the rest rest?

@5:39 – Hello I wanted to ask if vince sweeteners like aspartame, splenda and other artificial sweetners are bad for my consumption in moderation?

@7:18 – Mi amigo Vince! I would like you to talk a little bit about injuries! Have you ever had one? If so, how do you go through it? I have some pain on my right shoulder (from an old strain) and it bothers me a lot from time to time. I’ve always warmed up properly and so on, but seems that it never healed. Thank you for your attention. Greetings from Costa Rica and congrats on Del Monte Gym!

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Vince Del Monte
Honors Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 and 2 Certified
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You don’t want to look the same in 28 days do you?

So why are you following a poorly designed program robbing you of your gains?

A well-designed program is highly specific and progressive.

Why spends hours trying to design your own program when we’ve already assembled a STEP-BY-STEP program for you?

Get details about this program and much more here:

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