Healthy Vegan Breakfast Ideas

Hi my little flowers ✿ .
today i’m sharing some super easy and healthy breakfast ideas, most of which are vegan except for one! (the waffles & berries recipe because the waffles were made with eggs) other than these are all super delicious, super fast and super healthy, you definitely don’t have to feel guilty with these recipes.

I feel like I might get this question after this video so I will answer it now, I am not vegan at the moment… I’m currently vegetarian trying to transition into a vegan lifestyle. I’m pretty good at eating vegan during the day but at night that’s when I really want cheese. Cheese is my weakness, and yes I have tried vegan cheese… yuck! lol

FTC- this video is brought to you by naturebox, a healthy snack subscription service that I have been using for the past several months now, I’m truly a big fan. All opinions are honest.
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