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Like most women who are mothers we try and keep some home cooking in our cookie tins for our family to eat when they are hungry. The trouble is with baked and cooked cakes, cookies and snacks is that they are made with ingredients that are not really doing our health any good. Ingredients like sugar, flour and butter are required to make almost all home baked snacks and treats. But it is these things that send our blood sugar levels on a roller coaster ride and widen our waistlines.

A much better way to go about feeding our families and our own bodies is to get more raw and uncooked foods in to our daily diet. I have created an ebook of healthy snack recipes after years of collecting and experimenting with all sorts of no bake snack ideas. I didn’t want to be eating high sugar and high fat foods that belong in the past but as there was so few recipes already created I had to put in some serious kitchen time to create enough yummy healthy snack recipes for my ebook.

So, I started my quest to accumulate healthy snack recipes not only for my own health but to share with others as well and used the book title of 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats to give myself a goal to aim for. Using natural ingredients that needed no cooking I started creating mouth-watering snacks – things like nuts, seeds, coconut, fresh and dried fruit and even vegetables in all manner of combinations can be used to create snacks that can rival anything baked or cooked

The healthy snack recipes ebook is made up mostly of sweeter type snacks, but as there is no sugar used they are good for you and your waistline. Using dried fruits like dates, sultanas or even apricots you do away with the need to use any other sweeteners. These sweet fruits have many nutrients and fiber that refined sugar does not. Most of us like to have something sweet from time to time and these healthy snack recipes can satisfy that need and also contribute to health.

All of the ingredients in the healthy snack recipes ebook provide important macro-nutrients like protein and healthy fats. Nuts and seeds have lots of good quality protein and good fats so even though they are fairly high in calories nutrient value is high. Even the carbohydrates in these healthy snack recipes are the ‘good ones’ we can feel okay about eating. You cannot say that about old fashioned baked cookies and cakes. It is the refined, empty carbohydrates in flour and sugar that are the main culprits to the skyrocketing number of people affected by chronic disease in our modern world.

Many of us have be brought up to believe that we need to stick to the old idea of ‘three square meals’ a day and nothing in between. But that was fine when many of us were manual workers and were much more active. Now-a-days we sit for almost 80 percent of the day so eating smaller quantities of food in smaller meals means our bodies can process and use the food rather than storing it as fat.

Eating more often with snacks like you will find in the healthy snack recipes ebook means you will keep your blood sugar levels more constant. This creates a steady stream of energy and helps avoid triggering food cravings that can have us searching the kitchen cupboard for something to eat in a hurry. This often means we give little thought to what we are eating which could well be low quality non-nutrient foods like potato chips, candy, soda and all manner of the hundreds of unhealthy snacks available everywhere we look.

If we are one of the two thirds of us battling our weight it is not about just eating less, it is about eating better. When you build and boost your health your excess body fat will slowly but surely disappear. Swapping unhealthy junk food type snacks for healthy snack recipes found in 100 Healthy Raw Snacks and Treats means you will be doing yourself, your family and your waistline a big favour.

To read more about this very affordable ebook go to my website_ It is instantly downloadable so you can be making your own delicious healthy snacks within minutes of receiving it.
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