Healthy Brownies! 2 Ingredients! – Two Ingredient Takeover S01E04

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How To Make Two Ingredient Brownies! Homemade Quick and Easy Healthy Brownies Dessert Recipe!

This week, Alyssia teaches you how to make homemade brownies with only TWO INGREDIENTS! Also, they’re HEALTHIER! Don’t forget to subscribe!


1 box brownie mix
1 15 oz can pumpkin puree (NOT pumpkin pie)

Preheat oven to appropriate temperature according to box directions.
Mix pumpkin and boxed brownie mix together, until fudgy and well combined.
Transfer to a baking pan, sprayed with cooking spray.
Bake according to package directions, checking halfway through to monitor progress.
Allow to cool before cutting and devouring!

per brownie (yields 20) 109 calories | 24g carbs | 2g fat | 1g protein

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Healthy Brownies! 2 Ingredients! - Two Ingredient Takeover S01E04

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