Grilled Summer Veggie Sandwich Recipe

Grilled Summer Veggie Sandwich Recipe

Rebecca Brand shows how to make a vegetarian grilled sandwich fast, with her new spice rack: on the stove top with summer veggies. This delicious vegan sandwich is a fabulous fun colorful hot sandwich for a delicious lunch or dinner. As assortment of grilled red peppers, tomatoes, jalapeños, and pickles with butter make a hearty and very tasty summertime meal! Keep your spices right where you need them with this nifty suction cup spice rack from Feca Check out all their super cool products with this new suction technology

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I love my new spice rack from Feca! This is a sponsored video and everything I say here I mean, it is true and honest. I very much appreciate their sponsoring this video, I think their products are great, and I’m very excited to have them in my home!

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