Four Seasons Vancouver – Strawberry and Apricot Fruit Cobbler Recipes

Four Seasons Vancouver – Strawberry and Apricot Fruit Cobbler Recipes for more information on our Four Seasons Vancouver hotel.

If you plan on making fruit cobbler this holiday season or just because, Pastry Chef Bruno Feldheisen from Four Seasons Vancouver’s YEW restaurant has some helpful tips while he makes his strawberry and apricot cobbler with cherry ice cream.

Tip #1: Strawberries are a very juicy, water-filled fruit. If you plan on using a strawberry recipe, you need to use pectin to help absorb some of that water. In substitution, you can use an apple or apricots to help absorb that water.
Tip #2: When baking with ripe fruits, you do not need to use a lot of sugar because they are already naturally sweet.
Tip #3: Use real vanilla beans when baking. Real beans guarantee a real vanilla flavor.
Tip #4: use fresh fruits when baking, you can taste and see the difference in the quality!
Tip #5: Do not over-bake your goods.
Tip #6: Use thick, preferably ceramic or glass dishes when baking. This ensures a more even bake in your food.
Tip #7: Let the fruit settle naturally, don’t push it down into the pan.

For more strawberry recipes, visit Four Seasons Vancouver’s YEW restaurant and taste the beauty of the seasons.

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