Delicious, Versatile Fruit Spreads

Delicious, Versatile Fruit Spreads

Since 1882, E.D.SMITH Foods has been the original TasteCreator. What’s a TasteCreator? A person like you! Someone who loves food, finds inspiration in discovering new ideas and loves to share them with family and friends. E.D.SMITH is historically known as the first producer of pure jams in Canada. Today, it is known throughout North America for its exceptional fruit spreads, and in the U.S., you can find these fine spreads at your local Costco. By the way – fruit spreads aren’t just for your breakfast toast. Chef Ralph Pagano demonstrates the endless possibilities with the versatile E.D.SMITH fruit spreads, from breakfast, lunch and dinner to appetizers and desserts. You’ll love them on pizzas, flatbreads, in meat marinades, as sandwich or burger toppings, paired with cheese, even in yogurt or smoothies. E.D. Smith’s online recipe gallery features more than 75 recipes that are as creative, light-hearted and family-friendly as the E.D.SMITH family name.


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