Thanks for the simple recipe I am going to make …

Comment on Cherry Pie Filling or Topping – Simple Recipe using Fresh Picked Cherries – PoorMansGourmet by Crystal Thompson.

Thanks for the simple recipe I am going to make this now

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How To Make Banh Mi Ga-Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich-Vietnamese Food Recipes
Good video but the music is too distracting. 

i bought hot pickles that were wayyyy to hot !! I watched your video and
made these last nite i cut my pickles into spheres and instead of self
rising flour i mixed apf egg and lil bit of milk to create a gooey like
paste dipped in breadcrumbs and fried the coating was super crispy and
crunchy and most of all pickles were spicy but not extreme & unbearable
like before… all wasnt lost!! thanks so much for your video

Quinoa 101
Thanks to the eating disorders purveyed by low carb diet gurus, a grain can
only be considered healthy now if it’s marketed as gluten free and a good
source of protein and fiber ala quinoa, ignoring its actual asset, which is
complex carbohydrates. Quinoa promoters won’t market it as a good source of
carbs or starch because the gullible public perceives these as fattening.

Ultimate Hot Chocolate Recipe | Mike Cooper | Jamie’s Comfort Food
what is a malted drink? I don’t think we have something like this in
austria…does anyone know a substitute for it? I would love to try the
recipe and I really like malt flavour :)

Fast Proof (209): Jacques Pépin: More Fast Food My Way
GENIOUS, Jacques, Love You!!!

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