Brazil Nut Vanilla Ice Cream: A Luscious Dairy-Free Treat

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In this video, raw food chef and author Jennifer Cornbleet lets you in on her “secret recipe” for Brazil-Nut Vanilla Ice Cream, a creamy, dairy-free frozen dessert. It’s a popular raw food recipe from her best-selling book for healthy sweets lovers, Raw for Dessert.

Raw ice creams have the decadent texture and great flavors ice cream lovers crave, but they contain no dairy products, eggs, or refined sugar. The secret is nut milk, and Jennifer demonstrates just how to make this versatile raw ingredient using flavor-rich Brazil nuts.

Combined with raw cashews, Brazil nut milk turns into a thick, creamy base for frozen treat. You’ll discover the easy 1-2-3 technique of soaking, processing, and straining nuts to create this rich liquid, using a simple mesh bag to squeeze every bit of go-nutty goodness from your ingredients.

Jennifer demonstrates a useful technique for opening vanilla bean pods and removing the seeds to give your raw dessert a super-kick of natural flavor. You’ll also learn about natural sweeteners that are a superior substitute for refined sugar in both taste and nutrition, and discover why a pinch of salt is useful in sweet recipes.

To get you even more excited about making this nutritious and wholesome raw dessert, Jennifer talks about the various ingredients you can add to make your raw ice cream extra-special, including fruits, nuts, cocoa powder, and mint leaves.

Once you’ve selected your ingredients, Jennifer shows you how to bring them all together using an electric ice cream maker. With her trusty Cuisinart as her sous-chef, Jennifer demonstrates how to avoid hand-cranking and hard work that turn may people off to the idea of making homemade raw ice cream.

You’ll want to reach right into your computer screen to scoop up a smooth, creamy soft-serve bowl of this divine dessert. But keep watching! Jennifer shows you how to use raw ice cream to dress up other desserts, too.

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