Really good but I left out the wine or something …

Comment on Beth’s Easy White Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Christina Zuo.

Really good but I left out the wine or something

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Roasted Blasted Chicken – Lynn’s Recipes
looks soooooooooo good

Chicken Soup Recipe – OrsaraRecipes
what a cutie pie…Thanks we really enjoyed watching your video..You have
such an infactious personality…Keep making videos :)

Cooking with Liquid Nitrogen – Ferran Adria and Harold McGee
I want this video on my 1210 phone.

♡ 3 Smoothie Recipes – Tropical, Banana Berry, Mango ♡
Dairy is bad! Try #rawtill4.

Top 10 Paleo Diet Recipes
Paleo? That would imply what was locally available (findable), literally
hand to mouth, back..when? Perhaps 10 items if that. Most of the recipes
suggested here depend heavily on modern methods, means and
transportation. Any diet that does not include the feeding all humanity,
can´t be ethical or primitive (paleolithic). When a truly democratic global
diet that resolves the starvation problem for all humanity is devised, that
will surely be the one to go for. ( Not to mention the rights of animals.)

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