I fail at a mousse twice today …

Comment on Beth’s Easy White Chocolate Mousse Recipe by Adilene Marie Klink.

I fail at a mousse twice today

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Problem is I did understand, I just enjoy dominating the comment section with a comment that gets enough people (with a sense of humor) laughing. You sir, are the ******* idiot. Do you feel special replying to a top comment? Do you feel helpful? Or is it just your way to forget about your sad lonely life? As for typing a comment, the comments help the channel and increase its revenue. So I will continue to support the channel by telling you how much of a ******* **** head you are. If you'd like.

Crispy chicken pakora recipe
Great recipe , I  used vegetables ,cauliflower  / potatos` , was my first time making pakora`s but the sauce mix was fantastic and think it goes great as a coating , whether it would be a veg or meat based pakora , just a warning to others like me , your eyes will water when your peeling and chopping the onions and the chilli , the vapours really irritate your eyes and they water " WARNING " DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES ,  i even rinsed my hands under that water tap before rubbing but the residue was still on them and my eyeslids were burning ,will certainly make it again ,this time I`ll not rub my eyes , 🙂   

Obsessives: David Chang
suprise your not fat

Healthy Eating Recipe Fat And Sugar Free Chocolate Banana Bread
loose the white flour.. causes cancer

How To Make Chocolate Covered Strawberries
where can i get shortening and what brand did you use? 🙂 please and thank

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